Simple technology

for Supporting Artiste Management

Paperless Payments provides film and TV production with the flexible tools to easily plan, manage, pay and track Supporting Artistes.

Paperless Payment users have experienced...


Saved more than 2 hours a day


Satisfaction rate for security and integration


Found sign-in and sign-out easy

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Make your life easier – choose Paperless

The Casting Collective Paperless system is the reliable intuitive technology that powerfully manages Supporting Artistes payment and booking, all fitting seamlessly within your production.

  • Saves your production time and money. It's free.
  • Specifically designed for AD’s and Accountants.
  • No more paperwork, no more chits.
  • Interactive data at your fingertips.
  • User friendly detailed report generator.
  • Easy to alter and edit information.
  • AD's can work on and offline during open days.
  • Simple CSV data export.
  • Fully secure & backed up.
  • Phone, email or face to face support.
  • Zero cost.
  • Digital signatures available via OKCrowd.
  • AD’s and Accountants who have used it, love it.

Paperless has changed the way the industry manages Supporting Artistes...

A simple way to manage costs and budget before, during and after filming


AD’s & Accountants first

Following years of development - Paperless does exactly what you need on and off set.


The environmental solution

Of course it saves paper...but Paperless Payments is technically slick and user friendly too.


Reclaim some of your time

Easily and quickly set rates for individuals, small or large crowds without the paperwork.


A live dashboard

Keep an eye on detail. Find, add, amend what you need with just a few keystrokes, whenever you need to.


Accurate Artiste sign in

Quick reliable and powerful Artiste Management to the minute, that helps you stay organised.


Quickly set up and updated

Seamlessly and easily access and update a rate or Artiste, and no double entry of data.


E-Signature Integrated

Artistes can arrive on-set having already agreed the production terms via OKCrowd.


Web based technology

When filming in an area with a bad connection, login before you arrive and work offline.

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