How It Works

Paperless Supporting Artiste Management

The Casting Collectives Paperless System has been successfully used across the UK since 2016 on TV and Film productions of all size and scale.


Found reporting better than other systems


Accomplished tasks quicker


Able to access data needed

Simple software for better supporting artiste management

Top ten brilliant benefits

  1. No need to fill in hundreds of chits, No more searching for a person’s chit to sign them in just type in part of their name and click and they are signed in.
  2. Multiple users can log in at one time and sign people in and out at multiple locations. You can be in one location and login to Paperless and oversee what is happening on your production where ever your team might be.
  3. At sign out the system signs artistes out to the minute and calculates, early call money, day time over time and night time overtime all you do is check and sign them out.
  4. We can customise rates for your production and you can also customise the rates yourself for those one-off features or special payments.
  5. As soon as you have signed out your crowd you get an instant report of the day which you can use as your AD report and shows your daily costings.
  6. These reports are downloaded in CSV and are available at any time during the production.
  7. Once you are happy everything is correct you just approve the day and your accounts department get notified so they can access the day and pre-approve the costs before we invoice.
  8. Need to get NDA’s and T&C’s signed but don’t want to print off hundreds of forms and have to keep a track on everyone’s paperwork?
  9. Our “OKCrowd” system collects a digital signature for every Artiste on your production through its safe and secure web-site. We can give you and your accounts department access to your production so you can download signatures throughout the production.
  10. After a short training session we will have you quickly up and running. You will receive as much personal support as you need just call us. Our helpful guides and walk through videos are accessible at any time.

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